Custom 8.5×24 TA Gooseneck – Black, Barn Doors, Side Door, Blackout, 7K Axles, Extra Height


Standard 8.5×24 Tandem Axle Gooseneck Trailer – White with Rear Ramp, 36″ Flush Lock Side Door with Recessed Step, Four Floor recessed D-Rings, and 5,200 lbs Axles.


-2x Upgrade 5200lb Leaf Spring to 7000lb Leaf Spring (per Axle) (Trailers Less than 8.5′ Wide will be a Couple Inches Narrower)
-Black .030 Aluminum Exterior with Matching Screws
-7-Way Round Bargman Electric Connector
-Upgrade Incandescent Lights to LED (Exterior and Interior)
-2x 12V Interior Dome Light with Switch
-LED Strip Tail Lights
-Screwed Aluminum Metal Exterior
-ATP Stoneguard
-Access Door – Front
-Eliminate Roof Vent
-12″ ATP Trim on Sides and Rear
-Tandem Landing Gear with Crank
-1in x 1in Steel Tube in Walls and Ceiling
-Double 6″ I-Beam Main Rails
-+18″ Extra Height (Please allow for about a 1″ Tolerance)
-Pair of Bogey Wheels
-Bowed Tubing Ceiling Studs 24in On Center
-2-5/16in Ball Coupler
-Floor Studs 16in On Center
-Wall Studs 16in On Center
-Flat Front
-Eliminate Beaver Tail in Car Haulers
-4x Recessed D-Rings in Floor
-3/8in Grade A Plywood Walls
-4x D-Ring in Floor – 5,000 lb. (Recessed)
-4′ Wide Luan Liner Between Roof and Rafter Bows
-3/4in Plywood Floor Painted Underneath
-Tandem Axle Blackout Package – Black TopBottom Trim, Black ATP Stoneguard, Black ATP V-Nose Trim, Black ATP FendersFlairs, Black Door Hardware, Black Mag Wheels
-Double Barn Doors in Lieu of Ramp
-36″ RV Style Door with Flush Lock
-Recessed Step with ATP Liner at Side Door
-Approximate Interior Height – 82″ (6’10”)
-Approximate Riser Height – 38″ (3’2″)
-Approximate Riser Floor Length – 106″ (8’10”)
-4x Upgrade Rims from Steel Mod to Star Mag for 7,000 lbs Axle (Each Rim)
-4x ST225/75/R15 15″ Radial Tire

$12486 Picked up at our Factory Outlet in Hillsboro, TX (Call (229) 518-9110 for Availability)

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