Gooseneck 8.5×28 TA Trailer – White, Ramp, Side Door, Cabinets, Flat Front


Gooseneck 8.5×28 Tandem Axle Trailer – White with a Ramp, 36in RV Style Side Door with Bar Lock, 4x Floor Mounted D-Rings, Interior Base Cabinets, 2x 5,200 lbs Torsion Axles, and Flat Front

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– Exterior ATP Beneath Riser Deck
– 12 Volt LED Dome Light with Switch
– Manual Crank Roof Vent
– ST225/75/R15 15in Radial Tires
– White Powder Coated Modular Style Steel Rims
– Approximate Interior Height – 81in (6ft9in)
– Heavy Duty Ramp with 3/4in Plywood, Spring Assist
– Hydraulic Landing Gear
– White .024 Aluminum Exterior with Matching Screws
– 3/4in Plywood Floors or Stabledeck Engineered Plywood
– 36in Side Door with Flush Lock, Secure Bar Lock, and ATP Stepwell
– Gooseneck Ball Coupler – 2-5/16in
– Galvalume Roof
– 8in I-Beam Frame
– 7 Way Bargman Plug
– Emergency Break Away Kit
– 3/8in Grade A Plywood Walls or Stabledeck Engineered Plywood
– Sealed Tail Lights
– High Tech Roof Sealant
– Heavy Duty Exterior Trim
– Wall Members – 16in On Center
– Flat Front with Anodized Corners
– Floor Cross Members – 16in On Center
– Roof Bows – 16in On Center
– Tandem 5,200lb Dexter Torsion Axles with 4in Drop and Electric Brakes
– 1in x 1.5in Tube Walls and Rafters
– Approximate Interior Height in Riser – 35in (2ft11in)
– Floor Mounted D-Rings
– All LED Exterior Lights
– Five Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty
– 28ft Enclosed Area (20ft Standard Box and 8ft Riser)
– Exterior ATP Trim on Sides and Rear
– Keyed Storage Access Door Beneath Front Riser Deck
– Luan Ceiling Liner
– Marine Battery for Powered Landing Gear
– Mill Finish Base Cabinets (Two Doors) with ATP Steps to Riser
– Reflective DoT Tape on Sides and Front
– Gooseneck Adjustable Hitch Stem
– 7.5in Crossmembers
– Thermo Ply Ceiling Liner (12 in center strip.)
– Roof Mounted Solar Charger – 30in x 14in (to Charge Marine Battery for Landing Gear)

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